How to use large list for dropdown or single line text

Hello! I got to play with the demo version of GravityForms and I’m sure it’s what I need for my website, but I need some help with one problem: one of the fields is supposed to be one choice out of 2500 entries. I can do that with the dropdown, but it’s not ideal as it looks like it slows the page loading speed and is not searchable on mobile.

Ideally it should be a text field with suggestions from which the users picks a result. Is that possible?

Thank you a lot and I hope it’s not something easy that I missed somehow. Also, I searched both the forum and google before, but maybe I don’t know how to search properly.

2500 choices is a lot of data, page speed loading it’s up to your server and your device really. There’s no feature to load the data conditionally or something like that, you would need to hire someone to create something for you if that’s your goal.

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Regarding the search interface, the following add-on gives you a starting point to implement a solution that works for mobile devices: GitHub - samuelaguilera/enhanced-select-for-gravity: Example of how to add Selectize.js for Gravity Forms Drop Down and Multi Select fields.

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