How to properly filter gform_confirmation when creating a GFFeedAddon

Is there a way to override the gform_confirmation or redirect after a feed is processed (as long as feeds aren’t set to async)? We recently converted an integration from a simple hook using gform_confirmation to a proper feed addon. However, one benefit of the gform_confirmation was that we could redirect the user based on a response from a 3rd party service etc. Originally we processed form and pushed to a 3rd party, based on the response we would filter the confirmation as a redirect, message, etc.

I know that you can still register hooks within an addon within the init() method. However, I didn’t see any information within the entry or form objects to know if the feed had processed properly. I was thinking I could store some meta at least. But could not find any guidance on the correct way to handle the scenario.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Your process_feed method can return a modified $entry array. That array will be used when processing the notifications and confirmations. Another approach would be to stash your data in a private class property and then access that property when your gform_confirmation callback runs.

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