How to prepopulate fields in links using post content merge tags

How can I add merge tags in links? For example, to prepopulate email address in links Here is an example: https://mail{email} How should I proceed in this case, please.

I’m also open to any other suggestion out of the post content merge tags perks, any help would be welcome

Hi Pedro. Where is that link located? Is that in an email notification or form confirmation? Or are you using that link somewhere else? Where you are trying to use the link will determine what you need to do to get the merge tag information in there. Thank you.

@chrishajer Users fill out a form in which they’ve entered their email, they submit the form, then on the next page user get to choose some services at the end we have a button that says, check your inbox but instead of using mailto: we want to be more precise about the mail account that we want the user to log in

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