How to pass form data to dynamics lead cue

I purchased gravity forms and installed it on my WordPress site for my company.

We have Dynamics CRM and I have been able to have out administrator grant access to the plugin.

I built our first form and I see the data going into the WordPress backend and the auto-reply email goes to the customer etc. I need to make is so the data the user enters goes right into the dynamics lead cue.

I get this error message:
" The entry was not added to Dynamics because: Error while creating lead (Invalid object provided in the request.) .
You are only being shown this because you are an administrator. Other users will not see this message."

Can anyone shed any light on what object i select so i can properly map the form fields?
My form is here:

If anyone can assist, I’d be truly appreciative!

Which plugin or method are you using to send the data to Dynamics CRM?

Hi Thomas, did you get the issue resolved? i’m seeing the same error when creating lead