How to eliminate render-blocking resources?

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One of my client is using Gravity form with developer licence, While I was running speed test get to know that below resources are blocking the first paint of a page. Can we resolve this issue without affecting the Gravity form functionality or 3rd party plugin help?

  • /gravityforms/css/browsers.min.css
  • /gravityforms/css/formreset.min.css
  • /gravityforms/css/formsmain.min.css
  • /gravityforms/css/readyclass.min.css
  • /gravityforms/js/gravityforms.min.js
  • /gravityforms/js/jquery.json.min.js

If official team could develop inbuilt functionality where it won’t be blocking the FCP and the user doesn’t get any kind of rendered-blocking resource error from the Gravity Forms. So, it won’t be just limited to above CSS/JS.

That feature can be used for complete Gravity Form CSS and JS resources.

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Hello. I recommend reporting this issue via a support ticket so that it can be addressed there:

Thank you.

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Sure, I’ll create support ticket.

Thank you!

Thank you for your quick response, Ticket created: #311392

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