CSS broken due to click access


To date, we have 5 Gravity forms.
I created 3 of them several months ago and they work very well.

And recently, I created 2 new ones that are giving me problems. When I go to their respective pages, they work fine. However, if I access them via a CTA or link, the CSS is broken:

  • the form displays hidden titles and fields
  • the fields are in columns

For them to work normally again, I have to refresh the page, which is very annoying …
Can you give me an idea of where the problem with the CSS on click is coming from?

Hi Valerie. It sounds like an issue with caching on the host, or a conflict with another plugin (or the theme) on your site.

You can check for conflicts using these steps:

To determine if the issue is related to caching, you would need to disable any caching for that page, and see if the issue still exists.

Let us know if you need any other information. Thank you.

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