Strange! GF Scripts and Styles Loading in Header Section

Happy New Year!

Gravity Forms’ Scripts and Styles are loading in the Header section of our affected website pages. Is this normal?

We are delaying the loading of GF scripts and styles, but they still show up in the Header section thus generating a CSS render-blocking issue. Anybody know what’s going on and how can we eliminate the render-blocking issue?

To further assist, we are also using the plugin, gAppointments, but we can confirm that it’s not causing the issue. When we deactivate it, GF’s scripts and styles still load in the Header. Also, we are not preloading any GF files.


  1. Visit our website (this page) and view the Page Source (right-click on page, then click on Page source). If you check the section between <head> and </head> you will see GF loaded in this section. That is, several “var gform_” and “var_gf_” entries.

  2. Visit our webpagetest results to see GF’s render-blocking CSS files.

Once we figure out what’s causing GF to load in the header, we can then eliminate our render-blocking issue.

Help appreciated. Thank you!

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One more thing …

Following my last post, please know our issue is similar to the one reported here. If GF Customer Support has access to the solution provided, it may also help solve ours.

Thank you!

Temporary Solution:

Provided here.


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