Remove unused GF script from header [RESOLVED]


I think GF 2.5 started adding a script to the very first line in the header that starts “if(!gform){document.addEventListener(“gform_main_scripts_loaded”,function(){gform.scriptsLoaded…”.

This script is placed on every page, regardless of whether there is a form on the page or not.
In a time of core web vitals, I would like to display this script only where it is really needed.

How can I achieve this? Or is it really needed on every page?


I have the same problem. Additionally this script is added before charset attribute in the theme and it’s causing an error on W3C validation. “Error : A charset attribute on a meta element found after the first 1024 bytes.”


The Product team are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, but none has been made available yet. I recommend contacting support if you need any additional information. Thank you.

Please try updating to the latest build, available from the downloads page, following the steps at

Once updated you’ll also need to clear/flush any caching and/or script optimization plugins and/or services the site is using as well as your browser cache.

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