How to add new locales for translations and get strings approved? [RESOLVED]

We have translations for GravityForms for new locales. Is it possible to suggest them to be added to TranslatePress?

Additionally, I have translated around 1,500 strings for “German (formal)” in Oktober last year, and they still haven’t been approved. Who can approve them? I could also approve them myself, if I get the permissions to do so for “German”.

It is possible to suggest that translations for GravityForms be added to TranslatePress. You can contact the TranslatePress development team and provide them with the translations for the new locales. They will review and consider adding the translations to the plugin.

Regarding the formal German translations you submitted, it depends on the specific workflow the TranslatePress team uses for handling translations. You can contact the TranslatePress development team to inquire about the status of your submitted translations and who is responsible for approving them. If you have the necessary authorization, you may be able to approve your own translations for German.

Why would the TranslatePress team be resposible for handling translations? They are offering a (paid) service to premium plugin/theme authors. Only those authors would know if translations are “correct”. I would assume that someone from the GravityForms team can approve strings or allow other users to approve them. :thinking:

It’s actually TranslationsPress (a service by WP-Translations), not TranslatePress (a plugin by Cozmoslabs).

TranslationsPress host and manage translations on behalf of Gravity Forms and a number of add-ons from Certified Developers. As part of the management service, they handle reviewing and approving submitted strings.

I’ve messaged our contact over there and will let you know when they get back to us.

@bernhardkau TranslationsPress got back to me. It seems German Formal is one of a few locales they aren’t currently managing for us. They’ve updated your permissions, so you should be able to approve the strings now.

Thanks! I’ve confirmed all pending translations.

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