How to contributing translation with TranslatePress? [RESOLVED]

I’m using GF on some pages using the “German (Formal)” language variant. It currently lacks some important strings in the translation files.

I’d like to contribute those translations. On the Translation page I found a link to TranslatePress, but unfortunately it seems to be expired. I also can’t find any possibility to register on TranslatePress.

Can anyone provide me with a working link to TranslatePress for contributors or tell me, how I can register there to contribute the translations?

The link to TranslationsPress worked for me. I clicked this link: Annotation on 2022-09-28 at 15-25-24.png - Droplr

And I ended up here: firefox g2J5tvFmQb.png - Droplr

Does that work for you?

Hi @chrishajer,

unfortuantely that doesn’t work for me. It’s just a link to the TranslatePress homepage and as I don’t have an account, I can’t join the project.

I have clicked on the link “create an account on” which holds a URL to join a team. But this “invitation link” seems to be expired. Maybe try it yourself in a different browser or incognito tab.

Hello. Sorry about that. They had an issue, but you can use this link:

Thanks for your willingness to contribute.

@chrishajer: Thanks, that worked! I was able to translate some 1,500 missing strings for “German (formal)”.


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