How to add Google map to a form!

Hi all,
I just bought the Gravity Forms Elite version a few days ago.
I created a customer form, which the user fills in a form including their address.
I want to mark the user address-position on the Google map and then based on his current address, all our service providers around him will marke on the map. Then he/she clicks on one of them and the ID of that service provider will be registered with the entire form. But I don’t see any field for Google map in the Gravity form builder at all!
in additional i have registered with Google API platforms and use Gravity Geolocation Add-On also.
I sent email to the support, they say they dont support google map on Geolocation add-on!
It means i have to buy another 3 party add-on.
Anybody knows how can I do this without paying?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Ahmad! The Gravity Geolocation Add-On is only designed to capture a geolocation (a lat/long location), it’s not natively a connection to Google Maps. It’s designed to collect that info so that you can utilize that data AFTER the submission of the form.

What you are trying to do CAN be done, but it would require some custom coding and likely not be cheap.

A different way that you might approach the same sort of process that might cost less (but still not free because it will require paying for licenses) might be to purchase GravityKit & their Premium Maps View. Then create all of your service providers as entries to a specific form just for service providers information. This could be displayed on the top of a page, along with a search so that the user could search their own address and see the service providers that are nearest to them.

You could make a part of the display of the service providers a link to your customer form (the same form for all your providers), but using dynamic population insert the information of the service provider the user clicked the link for via link parameters.

Good luck!

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