How can i send a PDF attachment after registration?

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I want to build a form where people can registrate for a workshop or training. After they registrated i want to attach a PDF-file in the confirmationmail. Is that possible and if so…how?

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Hi Albert. Will that PDF be the same for all people, and that exists on your web server somewhere? Or are you trying to create a PDF out of the information that was submitted to you in the form?

If you are comfortable with setting up the email notifications in Gravity Forms, you will find the Gravity Flow PDF Generator to be just as easy! With it you can use merge tags to present the data from the form and have options for whether to attach the PDF directly or include a link to it from your server.


Hi Chris, thanks for your reaction. After the registration i like to send an PDF-document to the visitor with his personal information and the request to pay for the congres. Is that an answer to your question?

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It sounds like this PDF is going to contain information that was submitted to you in the form; is that correct? It’s not a static PDF like this one which you would be attaching to your emails:

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