Hierarchy of Forms

Timely question – trying to implement this today.

We have an “interview” process of sorts that is complex enough that I’m thinking it would be good to manage it in a hierarchy of forms, rather than a single massive form. The idea would be for the parent form to collect the basic information needed everywhere, and based on checkboxes for areas of interest, we would then “include” a child form on that form or forward information to a child form.

I’m open to other ideas – but any ideas on how to best do this?

How about this plugin?

Great idea. Checking into it now.

If you happen to know, do you believe that we can limit permissions to see entries on just one of the subforms? In other words, if we have the parent form, and subforms A, B, and C … can I setup a WP user that can JUST see entries from B, but not A or C?

Gravity Forms does not have that capability built in, but there is a plugin that can help you with that:

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