Hide one field of "chained selects"


I use “chained selects” for my user to select :
1.1 The number of the “county”
1.2 The name of the city
1.3 Postcode

This is great like this because it avoids error in spelling of the city, or in the number of the postcode (according to the city)

But the postcode is unique for each city. How to hide 1.3 field from user please, but still saving the right Postcode when the user submits ?

Thanks a lot !

Will this work to autoselect the only option in the Postcode drop down, if there is only one?

It will still be visible, but the user won’t need to select it manually.

An alternative option would be to use GP Populate Anything instead of Chained Selects. It supports populating into hidden fields.

We have an article on how to set up the chained selects. The only difference in your use case is that you would set one of the field’s Visibility setting to Hidden.


Hey Chris and Scott,

Great, thanks a lot, both, for your help !!

Have a nice week-end, and sorry for my late answer !