Hide number range on form [RESOLVED]

Good afternoon,

I’ve added the code below to CSS to built-in CSS editor, but it doesn’t work. It highlights both { }. If have some advice please.

.gform_wrapper .instruction {
    display: none !important;

Highlighting the {} characters is not an issue and expected if you put the cursor in any of these characters.

There’s nothing wrong with the syntax for the above CSS snippet, it’s working in my test site. Note that if you’re using any caching plugin or server side caching for the site, you will want to turn it off while you work with the CSS changes and empty your browser cache too.

Also note that using the above targeting you will be hiding the instruction div for any field with instructions, not only the number field. So I would recommend you to use the CSS targeting in our documentation instead: https://docs.gravityforms.com/number-field/#range-instructions

Thanks for your help.

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