Hide Field permanently with Conditional Logic

I have a booking from that has 5 room types 10 rooms in total all at different prices, I have GW Perk inventory so that if someone books a room it goes from the list of available rooms (all good)
my problem is one of the rooms can be single occupancy price A or double occupancy price B I can create this as a separate product giving the option of single occupancy and then another as two single occupancies my problem is if someone books one of the double occupancies then i want to hide the single one from anyone else booking it - is this achievable using conditional logic - sorry if its very confusing

Hi Alistair,

If you share the inventory across both fields by using the Advanced Inventory type, it will block both rooms for that date if one of them is booked. Here’s a rough example of the inventory setup that you would apply to both product fields:

If you reach out to use via our support form we can send you a form export with this setup demonstrating the setup.

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