Help with chaining more than 2 forms together

Hi, I’m trying to chain more than 2 forms together but the 3rd form is loading underneath the second form.

If I chain 2 forms I set first form to ajax=true, and second form to ajax=false - what do I set subsequent forms to? all ajax=false?

what am I missing?

ajax=false, true, true gives me the 3rd form underneath second form when I submit 2nd form

ajax=false, false, true gives me the first form again when I submit form 3

ajax=false, false, false gives me the first form again when I submit form 3

ajax=true, true, true loads 2nd form under first and then 3rd form under 2nd but hangs with spinners next to 2 and 3 submit buttons

ajax=true, true, false gives me form 2 under form 1, but form 3 never loads

ajax=true, false, false shows form 3 when I submit form 2

Hi Harrison. It looks like we are missing some information here. I recommend opening a support ticket for your issue with chaining two (or more) forms together:

Hi Chris

was hoping someone in the community had dealt with this before and just had a simple answer. Will open a ticket



I’ll leave the topic open in case anyone has dealt with it. I think you’ll get a more definitive answer, more quickly, with a support ticket. Let’s see if the community proves me wrong :slight_smile:

go Community… GO… :smiley:

received an answer back to the support ticket:

Embedding an AJAX form on the confirmation of an AJAX form it’s not supported. You can embed other forms as long as ajax is NOT enabled for the first form and ajax IS enabled for the second form .

For that reason it’s working fine for you when you embed form 10 (shortcode has ajax) into form 9 (no ajax), and not when embed form id 11 (has ajax) into form 10 confirmation (has ajax too).

which basically means you cannot chain more than two forms.

You can chain more than two forms together, but the one you are populating FROM can’t be AJAX enabled. You can chain as many as you like together without AJAX.

Hi Chris

I checked that and they said nope, if you dont want the next form to appear underneath when you submit, and you dont want the last form to cycle back to the first form, there is no way to do it - unless you know some other way of doing it?

first form is set to false, 2nd form is set to true/false? 3rd form is set to true/false?

in a 2 form chain you set 1st to false and 2nd to true and it works fine. It’s the 3rd form that causes the issue - it either displays underneath on submit of 2nd form, or when you submit 3rd form it cycles you back to the first form

If you chain them together and use the “Redirect” confirmation, you can use as many as you like. Doing it in the text confirmation is exactly how you explained it. Sorry for any confusion.

yes we’re trying to do it in the text confirmation using shortcodes, not the redirect confirmation. Redirect confirmation loads new page with each form right? same as a page confirmation? the text confirmation pulls the form in to the same space on the same page - and helpfully in our case doesnt display any param variables in the url that we’re passing between forms

sorry if my rushed typing wasn’t clear, I’m having a head scratching moment with this stuff today

The support response is correct. You’ve run into a limitation in loading the forms all in the same space.

yup - disappointing but correct. I’ve added a roadmap request as it’s the ajax true false switcher between the forms that prevents it.

side question seeing as you’re here Chris :wink: is there an easy way to pass params between forms without them being passed in the url?

Without passing the information in the URL, I recommend this: