Help! Why are some donors not getting the gravity automated confirmation email?

We depend on our donors for funding and have set up a few options for donating. Some donors do not get the confirmation email and get very upset. It is not going to their spam mail or inbox. Since we never know who is going to donate we have to depend on them to tell us… not good.

These forms have been set in place for years and working fine, same host, platform, and PayPal acct. Now it is becoming a problem with the no-show confirmation emails. I don’t want to try and troubleshoot donors’ email problems but I don’t know what to tell them or know for sure that the issue is not on our end. Any pointers are appreciated.

Gravity Forms creates the email according to your settings and content provided by the form submission, but unfortunately we don’t have any control over the notification email sending or delivery, you can find a detailed description of how notifications are sent in the following link:

In the same doc page, you can find instructions on how to check the result for the notification sending process and most common results explained:

If you’re getting the green note with the “successfully passed” message, you will need to contact the sending server support staff for further investigation of the issue.

If you have instead a note with a red background and an error message, and you need further help to understand what that specific error means, please take a screenshot of the note and create a support ticket.

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