Help! The BOTs are taking over! [RESOLVED]

We have a simple gravity form that allows website visitors to submit a "Contact Us " form. problem is, we get a lot of entries where the first name is the same as last name, and the email they supply has a .ru extension. I’d like to put into place barriers where last name cannot equal first name and if they have a .ru (sorry Russia) domain the form won’t submit. This will eliminate 98% of our false submissions. Possible?

Hi Rob. You can use a couple different approaches at the same time. This method using the gform_field_validation filter can be used to compare two fields, one against the other:

This solution can be used to ban or limit specific domains (like *.ru):

If that works, you should have 98% less spam!

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Excellent. I will give this a try. Thank you very much for the response.


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As an update and to close out thread, this worked like a champ! Easy solution! THANK YOU

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