Blacklist domains list

In the ‘email blacklist’ section on Gravity Forms it says this:
“Please enter a comma separated list of domains you would like to block from submitting their email.”
I get a fair amount of spam from & .ru emails. I have honeypot turned on but that’s not helping.
The domains I have listed in the blacklist box are:, .ru
Is this the proper way to list those evil domains???

Thanks in advance for your help!

Gravity Forms does not have an email blacklist. Are you using another plugin to provide that functionality?

It’s an addon. Provided by GF

Can you provide a link to that? I’m
Not sure which one you are using. The plugin name and author would be sufficient too.

Every day I get spam from email address ending in: ‘’ or something with ‘.ru’ at end.
And in the comments field of my form it gets stuffed with spammy urls.
Just trying to find a way to make it stop. Honeypot isn’t stopping this junk.

That plugin was not created by us. Check the authors section:

A solution like that is probably best if your email domains all end in *.ru

This might also work in your situation:

Thank you !!

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