Blocking Spam entries - Advice?

We use Gravity across all clients, even with Captcha entries get through, especially on the Contact Us forms. They tend to have certain words like SEO, Viagra, stuff like that.

Is there a way anyone knows of to stop this, either not let the form go through, block it, etc.? Any help is appreciated. We are aware of this and also wondering if this is a good addon. Thanks!

The Gravity Wiz Blacklist plugin is a good option.

I also was just made aware of this plugin but have not yet tried it:

Other things you can do:

  • Enable the anti-spam honeypot
  • Require the user be logged in before they can submit the form
  • Use a service like CloudFlare, which blocks a lot of the malicious traffic at their network (because they handle so much traffic, sort of like Google does with Gmail)

@chrishajer Thank you so much for the reply. From what I understand, WPBruiser tries to stop the user from even getting to the form…

But what our issues seems to be is that someone can physcially go and type in a word we don’t want as they are sending a spammy message like use us for SEO or even VIagra. Maybe it is a combination of both?

In your case, for spammy words, I think the Gravity Wiz Blacklist plugin will work well.