Limiting Who Can Submit

Hi Guys!

So I’m wondering could someone help me with this functionality! I am looking to create a form for our client to send out to a set list of people via MailChimp. This form will be limited to one entry per email address. This is fine I can so all of this!

However the part in which I am struggling with is how do I limit who can submit by what address the enter in the “Email” field? We need to ensure that only the list of emailed applicants can submit the form and prevent any submissions by forwarding the form to other email addresses not on the list.

Your help with this would be greatly appreciated guys :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

How about this free solution from Gravity Wiz?

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Hi Chris!

This seems like it will do the job! Thank you vey much! I will be working on the project later in the week and I drop back to give feedback on whether or not this approach worked!

Thanks again!

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I’ll leave this open if you would like to update us with how this turns out, or if you need additional assistance. Thank you.