Group of determinated fields

Hi everybody,
Is anybody know if it’s possible to make personnal group of fields on Gravity Forms?
Something which allow to create personnal groups like “Adress” on Advanced Fields.

Thanks in advance

You can create a whole new field if you like, using the Field framework:

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks Kris,
It really looks like what I’m looking for.

But sorry, I don’t find the field frameworks on my GF interface and I don’t understand how to have it…

I have to add some code on the plug in Gavity forms?
If this is the solution, I don’y undertstand where :wink:

It requires some PHP. There is no interface for it. The support is built in, but you will need to code that yourself. There are some tutorials online, in addition to our documentation. Here is one written by a custom of ours:

OK I’ll see if I can do it by my own,
thanks for your fast answer :+1:

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