Creating own Product Field

Hi there,

I want to create my own Product Field.
In /wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/includes/fields/class-gf-field-[…].php
one finds all the classes for the Product Field. How do I get further with this?

Is there an example somewhere that shows which of the classes-files for the pricing product are necessary?

How can I include them - or let’s say, “put them together” - to make my own product field work?

IN OTHER WORDS: Can I just copy these files and rename the classes? And then continue from there (by extending the functionality)?

Many thanks

Please see the documentation here regarding creating a custom field type:

Dear Chris,

You helped me get one step further. Thank you.

I work best using examples:
Where can I find the code used for the “product-field” available in the forms editor?

As mentioned above: I found the classes used in the particular folder, but can’t tell how they are “interwoven” with each other.
Or is this the wrong way to approach this situation?

Thank you

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