Custom Field. How is a pricing field identified

I can’t find out how to identify a field as a pricing field so that the GF javascript will grab it for the Total field. I am doing a complex calculation for the price, and then need to fire the GF script to pass it to the Total field.

Hello @lwoods - all product type fields (products, options and shipping) are automatically added to the form total by the Gravity Forms scripts. Are you using different field types, or product fields?

I have a multiple products, multiple quantities custom field where the total is calculated based upon product/quantity in various ways, depending on the selections. So, I end up with the final total myself. Now I need to get it “out of my field” and into the Total so that it can be used for payment through third-party payment gateways. I have found the “total” javascript ( gform_product_total) where technically I could do all of the calculations and feed the Total field the answer, BUT from my testing, unless there is at least one “pricing” field on the form, this javascript doesn’t fire. That’s why I need to be able to define a pricing field that will cause the gform_product_total javascript to fire.

Try using the gform_product_field_types filter to register your field type as a pricing field:

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