Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On unable to pass GCLID

I’ve been trying to pass Google Ads information into Zoho via the Zoho CRM add-on and it is unable to pass any information to Zoho.

I’ve search the fourms and found a post about creating an GF hidden field, adding the Zoho provided hidden field and using JS to take the value and adding to the GF hidden field, it works but then the mapping from GF to Zoho does not work.

I have spoke with Zoho and they have said that the key is not correct, it should be

but GF Zoho plugin is passing

Does this add-on have Google Ads/Marketing mapping?

Hi Tara. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

Thank you.

Did you open a ticket and get any help with this? We are having the same issue trying to get this set up and Zoho just keeps blaming Gravity Forms.

Hi Justen. Have you already opened a ticket for this? If so, post the ticket number here so I can follow up. If not, you can open a ticket here:

If you want to start troubleshooting on your own, I recommend enabling Gravity Forms logging:

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