Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On Issue

I’m having an issue on some of payments where an error is returned in the admin panel form entries:

Payment failed to be captured. Reason: Cannot add entry ID to the custom id in the order. PayPal Debug ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Shows a number)

The notification email is sent to myself that the order was completed. I am using the Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On.

Checking PayPal though, it did not capture the money as it said.

What could be causing this? I don’t like the fact that the customer receives a notification email even though the transaction wasn’t successful.

Any help would be appreciated.

You’ll need to contact PayPal with their debug id for details about the error.

As for the notification, make sure the event setting on the notification configuration page is set to one of the payment events such as payment completed. That will prevent the notification being sent until the selected event occurs.

Will the user receive some sort of on-screen notification that the transaction failed? I’m mainly concerned about the user and myself believing an order has been placed when it hasn’t.

Yes, there will be an onscreen notification from PayPal when the transaction does not go through. You are additionally preventing the Notification from being sent until after payment is completed.

I am using the option on the Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce where it doesn’t send them to PayPal though. The credit card is entered on the website.

Will it still show an onscreen notification from PayPal?

Hi Ken. I recommend opening a support ticket with your question so you can get a definitive answer. Thank you: