Gravity Forms Disconnecting from HubSpot every hour [RESOLVED]

My hubspot is disconnected from gravityforms every hour so I cannot collect my forms data and I have to manualy conect the account in wordpress to hubspot several times.

Probably it is happening because HubSpot have reduced the auth token lifespan from 6 hours to 30 minutes.

I have contacted GravityForms contact center and they are working on it.

Does anyone knows a workaround which can help with the issue?


Hi Ivan. We do not have a workaround at this time, but the product team is working on a fix at the moment. If you already submitted a ticket, you will hear back on the ticket as soon as the fix is available. Thank you.

Ivan, I know you have been informed of this already, but just for the record, version 1.7 of the add-on solved the issue.

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Hi Samuel,
Yes, it is solved. Thank you for your hard work guys.