Gravity Forms CLI Entries Import not working

I’m trying to import entries from one server to another. I exported using the built in entries export. When trying to import to an identical form I get the error “Invalid collection of entries”. Both servers have same version of GF and WP. The form is identical - imported from the original server.

Export and Import should be basic functionality for a $200+ plugin, why is it not working? Why is it not built in functionality?

This is command I’m using:

wp gf entry import 1 ./registration-form-2019-06-03.csv

Hello James,

I was actually facing the same issue just now, where I would get this error when trying to import my previously exported entries.

A quick look into the code reveals, that the required format for importing is actually .json and not .csv, the format that is created then exporting.

It is really beyond me, why it is like this and I also missed this in the documentation. There is really room for improvement here their side.

So long story short, the answer for me was converting the file to .json (I did it with the npm csvtojson package ) and after that I successfully imported the entries. The structure of the CLI command you wrote is fine.

Hope it may help you or someone else,