Cannot import CSV file

GF Import fails with a cryptic and useless message: " Forms could not be imported. Please make sure your export file is in the correct format.:

I upload the file and click Import and get that message. The file is a CSV file

Since I cannot see where to attach the test file, here it is:

The Lads of the Lake,BC,Tim ,Taylor,every Tuesday 7:00 pm
Comox Valley I group,BC,Adam,Szoke,every Tuesday 7:00 pm
Nanaimo I-group,BC,Ryan ,Albury,every Wednesday 7-930pm

Hi Bob. A csv file would be an export of entries (at least according to your data that’s what it looks like.) You cannot import that as a form. Do you have a Gravity Forms form on one site that you want to use on another, or are you trying to import entries or forms from another form builder or data source?

I have over 1,000 contacts in an Excel S/S that I want to import into my Contact form. I have been working on that all day and am dismayed at how poorly this capability is documented. Actually I could not find ANY documentation of how to do this. It is clear that a CSV file won’t work as an import file and the Import tool doesn’t even ask for the name of the form to import the records to. Hence I conclude that it either cannot be done using GF or that the programmer who implemented this function fell into the common trap of poor error messages. I know this trap because I have been a programmer myself for over 50 years.

So here are some very specific questions:

Hi Bob. Entry import is not supported in Gravity Forms. On the Import/Export menu, you have options to Export Entries - Export Forms - Import Forms. firefox n3XzmWMsTM.png • Droplr

There is a third party tool available which can be used to import entries into an existing form, from a CSV. Import entries into Gravity Forms • Bulk CSV Import

Additionally, if you would like to program this yourself, you can import entries using the Gravity Forms command line: Managing Entries with WP-CLI - Gravity Forms Documentation

The entries to import would need to be converted from CSV to JSON format to use that command line tool. If you have any other questions for us, please let us know.


Please see my reply to Samuel.

Bob Jones

Thanks for your feedback Bob. I found your ticket.