Gravity form redirect to new form based on field answer [RESOLVED]

Is there a way to direct you to a new form based on the answer of a field on a current gravity form


If I ask the question: “Are you a current member”, and you say “yes” the logic would direct you to a brand new gravity form that you could fill out a member update form

If your answer was “no”, the logic would direct you to a different form to fill out a new member application

I would have both forms created already, just need to know how to direct the answer to direct it to the form needed based on the answer.

Hope that makes sense. Couldn’t find anything that would work, maybe there is a “plugin” that could help. I am not interested in passing information to a new form, just opening a brand new form based on the answer of a current field in a form.

This functionality is provided by Gravity Forms. You can access it by going to your forms settings tab and clicking confirmations. Then click add new. When you have more than one confirmation, and starting with your second confirmation, Gravity Forms will automatically provide you with conditional logic options. (see screenshots)

Step 1

Step 2

Worked prefectly, thank you!

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