Gravity form on divi popup window reloads page when validation failed

Hi there,
first time posting so my apologies if this question already has been asked (I couldn’t find it)
I was just wondering if anyone had a gravity form set up to open on the divi popup forms and know how to prevent the form to be reloaded if the form validation failed?
We have a form that opens in a popup ( the form and validation is working fine), however if the form is incorrectly populated it will reload the page which will close the popup window. This will give to visitors false impression that the form was successfully submitted, when actually the form wasn’t filled in correctly and was not submitted at all. If I open the popup window i will see all those messages but this is not really how we would like it to work.
We need the popup window to stay open if there are some errors and in case the form is submitted it is redirecting to the thank you page (this redirection is working fine).
My guess is that if the form do not reloads if the validation has failed, the window would stay open. Does anyone has similar experience and would know how to fix this please?
Thank you

Typically when embedding a form in a popup, you need to embed it using the AJAX option. You can add ajax="true" inside your existing shortcode, then test the form again with missing information to force a validation error. If that does not work, I recommend contacting Divi support for the Divi Popup to see if they have any other information or advice. Thank you.

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