Form failure - reload to anchor tag area

Hi. I have a landing page, with a registration form on the bottom of the page (there is also an anchor tag for a user to jump to the form directly.

The problem is, if the user fills out something incorrectly, after the submit button, the page reloads, but brings the user to the top of the screen, rather than to the start of the form. Is there a way to configure that if there is an error with submission, the form reloads just to anchor tag where the form is located, rather than the top of the page?

Hi Gittel. You can do one of two things:

  1. Enable AJAX on the embed (if you’re using the shortcode or a block, you have an option to enable AJAX.) That will reload the page in place after a validation error.
  2. Use the gform_confirmation_anchor filter: There are different ways to use the filter based on how your form is embedded.

Try either of those solutions and let us know if you’re looking for something else. Thank you.

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