Gravity Form - notification if some values not match

We have dropdown, where you have to choose from 1-6 persons. After that we have checkbox where to choose Roomtype(this is dynamic). We want to have some kind of notification if choosen roomtypes not matches number of persons from the dropdown. Is that possible?

You can add an HTML field above your dropdown field and add your notification there. Then setup conditional logic on your HTML field to show or hide based on the dropdown selection.

Will this work for you?

First we choose people from dropdown, after that we choose roomstype from checkboxes, so it is after tht we would like to have some check so that it is right numbers of rooms. Yes a HTML-field to show or hide would work, but the conditinal logic I can see I dont know how to, but if it was possible to write them in code I could do it, is it possible?

Well if that’s the case I’d suggest dynamically populating the rooms field with Populate anything

And do away with the alert notification.

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