Gravity_form_enqueue_scripts not working for stripe based forms


I came across a use case where we needed payment form in popup. And we have implemented a simple api to fetch forms on that page. And to add scripts and styles on page we are using gravity_form_enqueue_scripts function. But it seems to be not working with the stripe payments.

Anyone had same issue? Or any help?

Thank you…

I found that Feed addon hook is not adding the js to the page. This is the function “register_frontend_feeds_init_script” hooked to ‘gform_register_init_scripts’ … I have tried making it hook late but it is still not working. Can you please help???

I tried setting priority to 99999999 but still nothing.

We are fetching forms using ajax and here is our sample code:

public function ntml_register_api_for_forms()

            $form_id = isset($_POST['fid']) ? absint($_POST['fid']) : 0;
   add_filter("gform_confirmation_anchor_{$form_id}", '__return_false');

            add_filter('gform_form_tag', array($this, 'form_tag'), 10, 2);

            $field_values = array();
   gravity_form($form_id, false, false, false, $field_values, true);


add_action('wp_ajax_get_ntml_gravityform', array($this, 'ntml_register_api_for_forms'));

                add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_get_ntml_gravityform', array($this, 'ntml_register_api_for_forms'));