Google chrome credit card autofill changing product total field to $0.00

Hello, I have forms on my website using GF and Stripe checkout.

When it comes to entering credit card the total field goes to $0.00 after Chrome verifies the credit card via CVV.

Here is how to reproduce:

  1. In Chrome, go to: Test Form : Embracing Our Differences
  2. Select a donation amount from the dropdown
  3. skip down to the payment section. When you click the credit card number field, the Google Pay box opens and you can select a saved credit card. When you enter the CVV of your saved card, Chrome validates the info. Then the total amount field goes to $0.00.

I have cleared the cache on in the Wordpress admin, hosting (Cloudways), and Cloudflare. I have also removed the pages from caching apps.

If I change the field to a radio button, the form does not have this problem.

Any ideas?

Hi Jason. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can investigate and see what the issue is:

Be sure to include your system status report:

Thank you.

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