From Email & out of office replies

hey there,
i have a client who has a couple of forms, with different notification setup’s.
on one, the from email is correct, insofar as it uses the site’s domain (B).
the other form has the from email field as {Email:8} (A).
the issue is, the client has a permanent out of office on.
the form with the correct from email (B) has those out of office notifications sent to easybook@.
that’s not what they want, they want the out of office replies sent to the person submitting the form (B) {Email Address:2}, but, that seems to entail putting the users email address {Email Address:2} in the from email notification field (as in A, which is working the way they want it to), out of office replies get sent to the user, not easybook@
So, my question is, the from email field has to contain an address, to ensure it is delivered.
So, how do I have out of office replies sent to the reply to field, not the from email field?
i know there is probably a simple explanation i’m missing…

the other image

In this screenshot, the From Email should be a domain email, just like the other form. The Reply To should be Email field 8, as you have it. Not all email clients reply correctly to the Reply-to header, but those are the only options you have with the Gravity Forms notifications. The notification should come From a domain email address, and then the Reply To should be the email address that was submitted to you in the form. It’s up to the mail client, or the autoresponder to handle it correctly at that point.

thanks Chris, appreciate the confirmation around my thinking - I’ve let the client know.

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