Form transition slow from one page to another

Hi, I hope you are all well. I am new to this and have gotten a guy from Fiverr to do my website, and he did the form using gravity, but the transition from one set of questions to the next is slow and takes a long time to load. I need it to be super fast so that the people filling out the form will not just get tired of waiting and not fill the form out. The guy who did the form said if you take away the validation error message, then it can go faster. But if someone enters the post code/zip code incorrectly, I need a prompt to come up right away as opposed to at the end after the form has been submitted. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. Also, sometimes when the landing page loads and i start to fill out the form and choose a selection, it just doesn’t do anything until i refresh the page. Can someone please help me?

my website is

If someone can help me please.

Thank you

Hi Nirmal,

Have you been able to resolve the issues? I just tested the Quote form on your website, and it doesn’t appear slow. Also, the page transition is working when a selection is made. If you’re still experiencing slowness, confirm how it works on the backend preview page.


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