Form styling randomly broken without changing any code [RESOLVED]

I have a few different forms on our website (Wordpress). One on our homepage that is built with php:

And another on our Contact and About page that is built with HTML/CSS.

I haven’t changed any code whatsoever but the styling of the contact form on our Contact and About page is broken. I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

It used to look like this:

(I can’t post another image, but you can see on our site how messed up it is. Contact - Clockwork 9

I restored a site back up from a week ago (I don’t think it was doing it then) and have the same results. Reinstalled Wordpress. Purged Cache. Cleared Browser Cache. Looked up old code. Nothing has changed so far as I can tell.

It’s strange because the form on our Homepage is totally fine.

Any ideas?

I took a look at the page and the first thing I noticed is that all the CSS was minified or combined/cached. Can you clear any cached information and disable the (caching/minification) and then test again?

I flushed the cache and nothing changed. I turned off “Minify CSS” on the PageSpeed Ninja plugin. Flushed the cache again… AND IT WORKED.

Strange. But I’ll take it. Thank you!

Thanks for the update Andrew.