Form Save & Continue [RESOLVED]

I’m using the Save and Continue feature on a form. When the Save and Continue is clicked on the form, the form sends out the link to the email address with no problem. The hiccup is when clicking on the link in the email, the redirect goes to the login page. The Require user to be logged in box is unchecked.

What am I missing here?

Are you using any other plugin that could be restricting access to where the form is unless the user is logged in?

I can investigate further if you could send a link to the form.

I do have the form password protected. Could that influence the redirect to the log-in page?


password: EHRD!!

I tried the form and when I clicked the link I was redirected to the same page (not the login page) and was asked to enter the password, once entered I was able to see the form and complete it.
Could it be a caching issue? maybe try clearing the cache?

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Bingo…its a cache issue! Thanks for the help and feedback!


You are welcome!

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