Form not working in Thrive Theme site

Hi. I am using Thrive Architect, Gravity Forms and Jet Sloth Image choices. I have built my Gravity Form. It uses quite a lot of conditional logic, but I have tested in in Preview and it works as desired and displays correctly:

I followed these instructions first to put the form in a Lightbox, and then in a page using Thrive Themes Architect:

The only part of the instructions I was not able to follow was where it said I should enter information in the Placeholder field, as I could not find such a field under the Appearance tab.

My form is a multi-page form using the Paging element in Gravity Forms and hides or shows fields based on conditional logic. I don’t know if that could be an issue.

However, having followed the instructions, the form came out completely garbled liked this:

Can anyone give me guidance about how to sort this out? It all looked so easy and slick on the instructional page.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen. I bumped up your user level if you want to post more images. Or, host them online somewhere, and post the links here. You should be able to go back and edit your original post to add the images or links inline if you like.

Also, please include a link to the page on your site where we can see the form. Thank you.

Thanks, Chris. I will add those images.

I am in the process of building the site, so all is not completely beautiful, but you will see what I mean.