Form inside a form

I need to create an application. Once a user submits it, have it to email multiple people with the contents of the application. In the email that is sent, the receiver would see a secondary form that simply asks if the applicant is approved or denied. Then once that has been answered, it will send the application to another email with the response of the Approved/Denied form.

Is this possible? If so, can you share how I can accomplish this?

Hi, Todd. Either GravityView or Gravity Flow would be perfect for your usage scenario.

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I see your husky. I have 2 as well. Alaskan/Timberwolf and Alaskan/Malamute.

Thanks! I appreciate it!


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Woof! Awesome! I have two as well.

I have installed it. Do you offer assistance to set it up?

Sure, backchannel me if desired (

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