Form Field Deleted But Still Showing

Hi there,

I’m pretty sure this is a cache issue as we have purged the page cache (using the WP Optimize plugin) but a form field was removed in the backend but it’s still showing on the website.

I’ve attached two screenshots showing the form builder backend where this field was which was for an image upload and another screenshot showing it’s still showing live on the site.

This was removed 2 days ago so not sure if that’s enough time to give the cache enough time. I also tested by removing the WP Optimize plugin but that didn’t help.

The form is on this page Welcome again to Dri-Way | Dri-Way Carpet & Upholstery Care and it’s in the upholstery section. If you submit your name you will jump to a page where you can make 3 selections and if you select upholstery cleaning, you will jump to that section.

New users can only add one image per post so here is the screenshot of the backend.

What are the row start, row end, and column break shown in the form builder in your screenshot?

Also, do you have the correct form embedded in the page?

Thanks Chris.

I’m the website owner, but Jordan Caron is my webmaster.

Could you please email directly with him?

I am not really able to answer your question with full confidence as I had someone else create this form.

After king mattress, the row ends. Then a new row is started with the “Unlisted Piece or Item” image embed using the tooltip add on. Then there is a column break which I’m sure what is below that but it must be the text area

Yes it’s the correct form ID 26.

I’ve attached the screenshot of the preview section of the builder where this is showing. Again, I can’t see this image upload field in the backend area of the form builder.

Here’s a screenshot of the Divi page builder showing the form ID as 26.

Can you export the form and send the JSON file? This is easiest with a support ticket, but if you can’t open a ticket, please export the file in JSON format:

Exporting a form:

And then upload that somewhere and share the link to that json file here. We will import the form and see what is going on. Thank you.