Form email field saved (cookie?) in a form that is frequently filled out

We have a COVID return to work form that our employees have to complete every day before coming into the office. We are trying to make this as simple as possible for our employees and one suggestion we keep hearing is, “it would be great if I didn’t have to enter my email every day like on site X…”

On a lot of sites that I visit with forms, almost all of them will show a list of my emails when I place the cursor in the email field. On our “return to work” form, this doesn’t happen. Does anyone have an idea how we can make this simpler for our employees?

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Hi Brad. The autocomplete from previously entered data in that field is a function of the browser. Can you share a link to the page on the site where we can see that form?


Thanks for the reply. I understand this may be browser-based, but this is one of the only sites I experience that doesn’t have some value in the email field. Here is the form page:

I appreciate your help very much. Thank you!


Hi Brad. Thank you for the link. It looks like you used a text field for that email address input. So the input is getting a type="text" rather than type="email". That would explain why email addresses are not being suggested there.

You will need to use an email address field to get the suggestions. Do not delete your existing field: that will delete any email addresses you’ve already collected. What you can do is mark the field not required, and then change the visibility to Administrative on the Advanced tab.

Then, add a new Email field (from the Advanced Fields section of the form builder.) That will collect all new addresses going forward, and you won’t lose anything you have already collected.

Finally, test the form and see if email addresses are being suggested as expected. Please let us know.

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