Forced choice question type?

Does anyone know how to create a forced choice question like this:
Select the word which is most like you?

  1. [Cheerful] [Moody]
  2. [Life of the party] [Shy]
    Thanks for any insights or ideas.!

Hi James. I don’t follow exactly and I am not familiar with the term ‘forced question’. Can you send a screenshot of what that would look like online, or send the URL of a site which has functionality similar to what you’re looking for? Thank you.

Hi Chris, thanks for the help. This is the example we are looking to create or something like this. We use these type questions frequently in employee assessments and would like to use Gravity Form for the front end data collection. Any help would be much appreciated.

So Moody and Cheerful are a pair, and Optimistic and Realistic are a pair, and you can only select one or the other? Is that is the case, those could be radio buttons (allowing just one of the pair to be selected) and you could style the radio button to look like that with CSS, or as images.

One way to do it with images is with this plugin:

Here is a way to style the radio buttons yourself using some CSS (rather than images):

If you have any other questions, or I got it wrong, please let me know.

Fantastic Chris and thanks a million.

I can do it either way so I even have choices! Answers don’t get any better than this.

Thank you for your quick help.



Thanks James. If you run into any issues, please let us know.