File upload with document libray

I’m seeing that GF does work well with document library pro, I want to ask about the file upload form.

1- I’d like the user to be able to select the document category, subcategory, tag and whatever taxonomy which shall be fetched from the actual document library.
2- the document is automatically stored in the selected category and assigned the selected tags.
3- must verified by an admin first.

so is this possible and which premium package should I purchase?

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration or support for the Document Library Pro plugin. So if you’re seeing any kind of integration happening, that would be something handled by Document Library Pro or a third-party plugin/custom code. You would need to reach the author of the integration in any case to get answers to the above questions.

thank for the reply.

So the integration is one-sided. But are these features possible to implement using gravity forms ?

Many thanks

Seemingly, GravityWiz populate “anything” addon doesn’t really populate anything, it doesn’t support file upload fields. so this option is ruled out. please anyone has a suggestion ?

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