Fieldset headings - Legends/labels

I noticed that some of the fields I added have headings (field labels) as labels while others are legends.
For instance dropboxes has labels as headings, while checkboxe fields has legends as headings.

Anyway to make sure they are all of the same type? or some quick hack to fix this?

Hi Michael, there is no quick hack to make them all the same. The legends were added to some fields for accessibility reasons. I don’t know of a solution to modify the way those fields are output. What is your use case that requires they are all the same type?

main problem is that when I add a border around the fieldsets, legends are aligned with the top border, while labels are place a bit below it.

Hi Michael,

Can you give a specific example link so we can check the CSS and perhaps give you a good workaround?

I know you can target pretty specifically within our output, so it should be possible to create a couple of different CSS rulesets for fieldsets in different situations.

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