Escape a merge tag in notifications html?

Is there a way to escape the merge tags in a notification being sent out? We have a textarea populating some predinfed code based on some input from fields but one of the Powershell scripts does require the @{ symbole to be used and therefore fails when copied and pasted into the console for the end user. Is there a way on our end when editing the notification in the html field to escape it? I’ve tried doing a double @@ but it still does not help. The result each time is the @ sign disappears but the bracket does still exist.

A snippet of the code being used:

-Replace @@{thumbnailPhoto=([b

If you’re having trouble with merge tags in Gravity Forms notifications and need to escape certain symbols in the code, a solution can work for you. Instead of using the ‘@’ symbol or ‘{’ and ‘}’ brackets directly, you can use HTML entity codes to escape them in your notification.

For example, you can use @ instead of ‘@’, and { and } instead of ‘{’ and ‘}’, respectively. Doing this will ignore the merge tag, and the Powershell script should work properly when copied and pasted into the console by the end user.

I hope that helps!

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