Error with Google Analytics 4 : RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded


We have a problem on our Website
I think it’s a bug from Gravity Form.

When we enable the GA4 tracking (we have try with Google SiteKit, with GTM4WP and Manually) on a page with a form with multiple steps, we have this message.

  1. Ze {message: ‘’, stack: ‘Error\n at new Ze (googletagmanager.…/gtag/js?id=G-9G32JQ44X6&l=dataLayer&cx=c:39:569)’, Ik: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at RegExp.exec () at Oc (, h: Array(0), B: ƒ}

  2. B: ƒ $e(a)

1. arguments: null
2. caller: null
3. length: 1
4. name: "$e" 

You can see all the errors in the Chrome console. I’ve already try to disable plugins and compatibility mode mode but nothing works.

But i have not problem with form in 1 step.

Could you help us?

Thank you

Hi Gregory. Please open a support ticket here:

Include your system status report in the ticket

Thank you.

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