Error when I have a number of entries limit [RESOLVED]

When a form has an input limit number and this is reached, it does not send the message that the limit has been reached, but indicates that the form cannot be found. This happens to me with version 2.6.6 Before it worked correctly
can you help me thanks

I tested this locally and am not encountering the same. It is most likely that there is some conflict on the site. I’d recommend you run a conflict test with the troubleshooting mode provided by the WordPress Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. It will allow you to disable all plugins and switch to a default theme for your logged-in user only – public visits to the site will not be affected. This should help you isolate what may be causing this behavior.

Hello, it is strange because if the preview of the page works correctly and the message appears that the form is complete, but when the page is in production, the message “¡Vaya! No hemos podido localizar tu formulario.” appears

Is possible the version 5.9.4 of wordpress is the problem? in another web with 6.0.1 version works well


Hello. Gravity Forms did not have this problem when using WordPress 5.9.4. It’s most likely something unique to that site still using 5.9.4. Updating to 6.0.x would not likely fix the issue, but it’s always best to stay up to date with WordPress releases.

Have you followed Joshua’s troubleshooting steps? Also, clear any cache to ensure you’re not using old information on the page. Thank you.

Hello, the problem was with Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is up to date but cause this problem. I desactived it and then works ok.